Academic Pricing for Schools, Colleges and Charitable Institutions

Acoustica Mixcraft and PG Music Band in a Box are available at significant discounts on list price to schools, colleges and charitable institutions.

Acoustica Mixcraft

Acoustica specializes in audio and music recording software. They believe that software should cost effective and easy-to-use! Whether you want to record your own music, make beats, burn and label your own audio CDs Acoustica has the software product for you!

Mixcraft is available at attractive prices for academic and charitable institutions. It comes with a MSI Microsoft compatible installer (except in the case of Pro Studio).

Also included is a pdf version of the Mixcraft 10 Teachers Guide.

The Mixcraft 10 Teacher’s Guide examines Mixcraft’s many capabilities, including digital signal processing and music composition, and provides numerous examples for incorporating Mixcraft into both musical and non-musical assignments, including marketing and advertising, podcast creation, spoken word performances, and more.

The Mixcraft 10 Teacher’s Guide includes a free “Additional Materials Download,” including printable PDF files of lesson plans, allowing teachers and students to work through assignments in tandem. More importantly, the text offers strategies for teaching all aspects of digital music and sound creation in a fun and easy-to-understand fashion.

Teachers are provided a personal license for Mixcraft on request. This allows them to access and work on their projects and assignments at work or from home.If you require further information, a quotation or would prefer to place a school order, please call us or email

Mixcraft is delivered by download which includes the software, msi installer and instructions.

One license is required for each computer on which Mixcraft will be installed.  Loops, samples and instruments can be installed on a server.

Mixcraft is a Windows only product.  It cannot be installed on Macs, Chromebooks or Android devices.

Academic Pricing is as follows:

Mixcraft 10 Recording Studio

ACO400 Mixcraft 10 Academic Single Licence         £52.00
ACO405 Mixcraft 10 Academic 5 – 24 Licences        £42.00
ACO410 Mixcraft 10 Academic 25 – 49 Licences      £32.00
ACO415 Mixcraft 10 Academic 50 – 99 Licences      £26.00
ACO420 Mixcraft 10 Academic 100 – 499 Licences  £21.00
ACO425 Mixcraft 10 Academic 500 – 999 Licences  £18.00
ACO430 Mixcraft 10 Academic 1000+ Licences       £16.00

Prices are per seat and exclude VAT.

The price to upgrade to Mixcraft 10 from any earlier version is 50% of the current new user price.

For further information, a formal quotation, and guidance on how to order, please email

 Band in a Box

Please email for details of academic pricing.