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E-MU PC Digital Audio and Sampling Systems

E-MU Systems is a leading developer of digital audio products which utilise digital sampling and digital signal processing (DSP) technology to serve musicians and audio professionals.


"In my opinion Emu are the first company to have got it right with their PCI card range, and have done so at prices that will result in some dropped jaws from their competitors."

Martin Walker, Sound on Sound magazine


The 1616 and 1616M now have PCI versions, which allow desktop users to access the same great audio quality that laptop users have been enjoying. Loads of ins and outs on a Microdock breakout box.

A total of 16 inputs and 16 outputs plus MIDI I/O, including two custom preamps with Neutrik connectors, 48V phantom power, and analog soft limiting circuit for clip protection.

XboardThe Xboard 25, Xboard 49 and Xboard 61 Professional USB/MIDI Controllers for PC and Mac operating systems, featuring full-size velocity sensitive keyboards with aftertouch, 16 programmable real-time controllers, Xboard Control editing software, and E-MU's new Proteus X LE Desktop Sound Module with over 1000 sounds.

Proteus XProteus X 2 is a 24-bit sound module for your PC, it is the culmination of over 15 years of sound module development, including E-MU's patented pitch interpolation, all controlled by an interface that lets you dial in the right sound. Proteus X ships with E-MU's 2x2 USB MIDI interface. Power users should also check out the new Emulator X 2. Shipping Now


All E-MU Audio Systems ship with Power FX Hardware-accelerated VST Effects - Use over 600 hardware-accelerated E-DSP effects as VST plug-ins in SONAR, Home Studio 2004, Cubase, Audition etc.


NEW: E-MU Sound Cards now ships with E-MU Production Tools Software bundle which includes SONAR LE, Cubase LE, Ableton Live Lite and much much more

Pro Sample CDs An awesome collection of Sample CD for Emulator X, Proteus X and Proteus X LE.

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Digital Audio Systems

E-MU’s new Digital Audio Systems deliver everything you need to produce audio on a PC with professional results – 24-bit/192kHz converters, hardware-accelerated effects and mixing, comprehensive sync options and seamless compatibility with your favourite PC audio/sequencer software.

E-MU Systems has teamed up with the Creative Advanced Technology Centre, a world leader in ASIC and algorithm development for PC audio, to develop the new line of Creative Professional hardware interfaces that stand toe-to-toe with the most advanced and expensive audio systems in the world.

All 3 Digital Audio Systems ship with a PCI card that features ADAT, S/PDIF and FireWire® interfaces, as well as connectivity to a family of internal and external I/O and sync options. Whether you are recording full-blown productions or running virtual instruments on a dedicated computer, E-MU’s Digital Audio Systems deliver everything needed to create professional-quality music on your PC at a price that will change your expectations of desktop recording forever. Compare E-MU Digital Audio Systems.

Digital Audio Systems Range
The EMU 1212M is a high-quality audio card giving 2 24-bit analogue balanced I/O, 24-bit/192kHz ADAT I/O (switchable to S/PDIF), 24-bit/96kHz S/PDIF I/O (switchable to AES/EBU), MIDI I/O and a Firewire Interface.
EMU 1212
EMU 0404

The E-MU 0404 Digital Audio System delivers pro quality at a breakthrought price of £69.99 inc VAT. Pristine 24-bit, 192kHz converters and flexible connectivity with 1/4" analogue I/O, 24-bit/96kHz digital S/PDIF I/O (coaxial or optical - switchable to AES/EBU), and MIDI I/O for seamless integration with your entire studio

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