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Turtle Beach (Voyetra) Audio Advantage Roadie
Virtual Surround Sound USB Audio Adapter with an amazing array of features

Spectacular sound
for your PC or laptop

The Audio Advantage Roadie USB Audio Adapter (or USB Sound Card) is the perfect audio upgrade for your PC or laptop.  Roadie easily plugs into any USB port, instantly adding 5.1 /  7.1 channel surround sound and an amazing array of features - all in a package that fits in the palm of your hand.

"The Roadie is a great little unit that will doubtless prove popular with musicians on the move. The bundled software is comprehensive and easy to use. ********** "

MusicTech Magazine

Note about the new Audio Advantage SRM

The only difference between the Audio Advantage Roadie and the Audio Advantage SRM is the colour. The Roadie is gray, the SRM is black.

Unfortunately we are unable to supply the Audio Advantage SRM.

£ ex VAT



Full Windows 7 and Vista Support via SRM drivers available HERE


5.1 / 7.1 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound

Whether you’re playing PC games, watching DVD movies, using voice applications, listening to music or even recording your own, the Audio Advantage Roadie can handle it all. 

High Quality Audio Recording

Adds a high quality 3.5mm line input and stereo microphones for high quality recording in to your laptop or PC.

  • 5.1 or 7.1 Output

  • Analog and Digital Outputs

  • Built-in Stereo Microphones

  • 10 Band EQ

  • Ambience Effects

  • Optical Digital Adapters

Conveniently connect to the USB port of your PC or Laptop
Easy install and use, just plug your headphones into the Audio Advantage Roadie, and plug the cable into a USB port, and you've instantly got better quality PC or Laptop audio!
Surround-sound anywhere
Improve your listening experience with either speakers or headphones by adjusting virtual speaker position, tone, environment, room size, delay time, and individual speaker frequency response. Built-in amplifiers drive optional 5.1 headphones.
Connect to your home theater
S/PDIF output allows pass-through of Dolby Digital® and DTS® DVD formats for pure digital quality surround sound on A/V receivers or digital speakers. S/PDIF input records from digital audio gear with no loss in audio quality.

In Detail

Roadie’s unique design provides everything you need for connecting your laptop or desktop to a wide variety of audio devices, including digital and analog inputs and outputs, stereo headphone output, built-in stereo microphones, and support for surround-sound headphones.

Status Light

Indicates device activity, including power, playing audio, muted and IR Remote Control signal detection.

Volume/Mute Control

Adjusts the master volume and lets you mute all outputs.

5.1 Channel Line & Headphones Output

Connects Turtle Beach Ear Force Surround Sound Headphones or 5.1 powered analog speakers with the included breakout cable.

Headphone Out

Drives stereo headphones. When using 7.1 speaker mode, channels 7 and 8 are routed to this jack.

Microphone Input

Accepts mono or stereo microphones. Power for an electret microphone is provided on both the ring and tip of the jack. When a microphone is inserted, the internal microphones are disabled.

Internal Microphones
(Stereo L & R)

The two internal microphones operate in the same manner as an external microphone.

Line In L/R

S/PDIF Digital In

Operates as either an analog Line Input for recording from CD players, cassette players, etc.. or as an optical S/PDIF input for recording digital audio from external sources.

Line Out L/R

S/PDIF Digital Out

Operates as either an analog Line Output to drive powered speakers or inputs on external recording devices, or as an optical S/PDIF output for playing digital audio. This allows for pass-through of Dolby® Digital and DTS® multi-channel DVD sound to external A/V receivers or digital speaker systems.

IR Remote Control Sensor

Aim the optional infra red (IR) remote control at this sensor when using the remote control functions.


System Requirements

The Audio Advantage Roadie supports both USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports.

Processor Pentium 800 MHz / compatible or higher with one available USB port.

128 MB system RAM (minimum)

Approximately 100MB of free hard drive space is required during the driver / application installation process.

1024x768 High Color (24-bit)

Operating System

One of the following:
Windows® 2000 (SP-3 or higher required)
Windows® XP Home
Windows® XP Professional
Windows® XP Media Center Edition
Windows® 7 and Vista (32 and 64bit) Support via SRM drivers available HERE

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive required for software installation. A DVD drive, a compatible software DVD player application, and a high quality 5.1 Surround speaker system (five powered speakers plus a powered subwoofer) or Turtle Beach Ear Force Surround Sound headphones are required for playing back Dolby® Digital (AC-3) audio from DVD movies.

High quality sound system, powered speakers or headphones are recommended to properly hear the Audio Advantage Roadie high-quality playback.

A digital speaker system or home theater A/V receiver with optical TOSLINK is necessary for connecting the Audio Advantage Roadie optical digital output.



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