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Complete Home Cinema Speaker System

Get right to the heart of the action and experience DVD movies as they were meant to be heard with amazing Dolby Digital (AC-3) 5.1 surround sound. Powerful, easy to install, and built using the same key components as high-end hi-fi systems, DigiTheatre completes your home cinema system.

With a separate decoder box, slimline remote control, and six dedicated speakers including subwoofer with integrated six channel amplifier, DigiTheatre is a complete Dolby Digital surround sound system. Its dedicated full-range speakers provide a spacious sound stage, fast and precise positioning of effects, exceptional detail and thunderous bass.

DigiTheatre is equally suitable for stand-alone DVD players in the living room or DVD-capable PCs. Fully compatible with earlier surround sound standards, it produces Dolby Pro Logic sound from Pro Logic-encoded material played on your Nicam VCR or TV, and spacious surround sound stereo from any standard stereo input.

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Full Dolby Digital (AC-3) decode
Designed around the high-performance Zoran DSP Connect to any DVD player, either stand-alone or PC-based, with S/PDIF output, for Dolby Digital surround sound

Dolby Pro Logic decode
Connect to Nicam VCR or TV for Dolby Pro Logic surround sound

PCM stereo audio decode
Connect to digital output from CD or MiniDisc for spacious surround sound stereo

Coaxial (RCA) and optical (Toslink) S/PDIF digital input

Remote control unit for ease of operation
Individual balance control for each speaker
Delay control to surround and centre speakers
Mute on/off
Bass management modes
Comprehensive range of speaker modes
Surround mode select (AC-3, Pro Logic and Stereo)
System test function

Dolby Digital surround sound for DVD movies
Using the high-performance Zoran DSP, DigiTheatre Decoder provides full Dolby Digital (AC-3) decode for the 5.1 soundtrack found on the latest DVD movies. And, if you've already invested in a Pro Logic home
cinema setup (with 6-channel amplifier), you can add just the DigiTheatre Decoder for an instant upgrade to Dolby Digital 5.1.

Complete home cinema speaker system
DigiTheatre comes complete with the DigiTheatre Decoder box, a slimline remote control, and six dedicated speakers including subwoofer. The powerful six-channel amplifier built into the sub delivers over 60W true RMS, with peak music power output of 1000W (PMPO). DigiTheatre's two front speakers have tweeter and bass/midrange units, and the dedicated centre speaker and easy-to-mount rear surround speakers have full-range drive units. Using a 6.5" (170mm) drive unit the sub provides dramatic low frequency effects.

Multiple inputs
Connect any DVD player or DVD capable PC with an S/PDIF output for Dolby Digital surround. Connect your CD or MiniDisc for stereo surround sound.

Complete audio control
Individual volume control for each speaker, delay control for surround and centre speakers, plus a range of speaker/bass management modes and a system test function help you fine-tune DigiTheatre output. LCD display panel shows speaker modes and system status. Slimline remote control allows you to sit back and enjoy the movie.

Dolby Pro Logic and stereo surround support
DigiTheatre Decoder can autodetect and decode Dolby Pro Logic, providing surround sound for movies which don't have full Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Pro Logic decode can also be used with your Nicam VCR or TV. DigiTheatre can even produce stereo surround music from any standard stereo input.



  • Output power: Total: 62.5W RMS. Front speakers 7.5W + 7.5W. Surround speakers 7.5W + 7.5W. Centre speaker 7.5W. Subwoofer 25W.
  • Input sensitivity: DVD input: 250 mV. Aux input: 500 mV.
  • Max output: 60W RMS (1000W PMPO).
  • All speaker cones magnetically shielded
  • Dimensions (width/height/depth) Front speakers: 114 x 236 x 150mm; 4.49 x 9.29 x 5.9 inches. Rear speakers: 114 x 151 x 150mm; 4.49 x 5.94 x 5.9 inches. Centre speaker: 360 x 106 x 155mm; 10.24 x 4.17 x 6.10 inches. Subwoofer: 228 x 406 x 325mm; 8.98 x 15.98 x 12.8 inches. Decoder: 180 x 132 x 60mm; 7.09 x 5.2 x 2.36 inches.


  • Decoder input connectors
    Coaxial S/PDIF (RCA) for digital input. Optical S/PDIF (Toslink) for digital input. Stereo phono RCA for analog line input.
  • Decoder output connectors
    6-channel output for connection to 6-channel amplifier (cable supplied). Separate 3.5mm jacks for analog audio out.
  • LCD display for status information
    Full-function remote control


  • Approvals: Amplifier/speaker subsystem: UL, C-UL. Compliant with EMC directive (CE). Decoder Unit FCC Class B approved for home or office use.
  • Power Supply: UK/Europe: 220-240V AC 50 Hz. USA/Canada: 110-120V AC 60 Hz.
  • Total Packaged Weight: 15 Kg; 33 lbs.



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