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Dyad DXi Software Sampler & Virtual Instrument

Dyad DXi is an advanced software sample player and DXi virtual instrument, with a serious focus on performance! It comes with a large variety of sounds and lots of real-time processing features and offers extensive parameter manipulation.

Created specifically in the DXi2 platform, Dyad DXi is an essential addition for any DXi compatible software user who wants a no nonsense drop down sound module.

Dyad DXi is the ideal software sampler for SONAR, FL Studio, Fruityloops, Project5, Home Studio and all of the Cakewalk line of products that support the DXi format

Dyad DXi includes a huge number of samples before you even start importing in your own, over 600MB of synthesised and real multi-sampled files. You get an unprecedented 320 sound patches, including a unique and versatile collection of synthesised and real multi-sampled sounds such as: basses, trumpets, flutes, synth pads, various keyboards, violins, synthetic fxs, timpani, tuba, trombone, organs, oboe, and cello.

Dyad DXi features

  • Powerful filtering, EQing and 2 LFO´s.
  • Ease of use.
  • Layer editing.
  • Reads and imports Soundfonts (.sf2).
  • Includes over 300 great SoundFont programs, a diverse collection of synthesised and real orchestral multi-samples.
  • Real-time performance mode for low CPU usage.

Dyad DXi Demo
This DYAD DXi works with SONAR 2.0 or above. The free demo is the working version of DYAD DXi without the save and import functions and comes with 4 different SF2 banks. The downloadable Demo version has a size of 11 Mb zipped

Download the free Dyad demo here!!!


£ ex VAT


System Requirements
  • DXi Host programme such as SONAR, Project5, FL Studio, Fruityloops, Home Studio, Music Creator etc.
£ ex VAT


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