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EarMaster 6 - Cloud 100
Cloud Edition Academic Licenses

£406.00 ex VAT


The perfect teaching tool for your ear training and sight-singing classes

EarMaster 6 Cloud is the ideal solution to teach ear training and sight-singing.

  • Licences for the student and teacher versions of EarMaster 6 on Windows/Mac.
  • A course editor to create your own sets of ear training, sight-singing and rhythmic exercises, tests and home assignments
  • Automatic syncing of courses, assignments and results made in EarMaster over the internet
  • Easy user license management with a flexible licensing and pricing model
  • Always updated to the latest EarMaster version
    and a lot more...

How does it work?

  • Your lessons, assignments, tests and results are all in the Cloud and synced automatically over the internet between your computer and your student's private computers.
  • Licenses are managed on a secure website by the staff of your school, and the students simply install the program from home as soon as they have been granted access.
  • A cloud license works "per user". This means that a cloud user can use EarMaster both at school, at home or anywhere else with one single user license.
  • No administrative burden: New users can be added at any time without buying extra license slots.
  • Flexible licensing - Unactivated users extend the length of your subscription.

Here is a simple graph showing how the Cloud syncing feature works:

What is included in the Cloud solution?

With the Cloud solution for EarMaster 6, you get a complete package to teach sight-singing, ear training and rhythm at all levels.

Both the Pro version (for students) and the Teacher Edition (for teachers) are included with the subscription.

The program includes 14 actitivies covering pitch, harmony and rhythm with 2000+ ready-made lessons.

A course editor with a large built-in song database will allow you to easily incorporate musical material as the basis for your sight-singing, dictations or sing-back exercises. The database is filled with Real Book and Classical melodies, but you can easily extend it by importing your own melodies from Finale, Sibelius, Notion, Pizzicato or any other Notation program supporting MusicXML.

EarMaster 6 offers comprehensive statistics and reporting tools in order to follow the progress of your students day after day and adjust your teaching to their actual results.

How does the licensing work?

EarMaster Cloud edition is sold as Credit Packs. The basic idea for Cloud licensing is: 1 Cloud credit = 1 user/year (student or teacher)

However, EarMaster's Cloud license is dynamic: the number of activated users will regulate the length of your cloud license subscription. So you don't have to worry if a student drops out of one of your classes or if new students enroll in the middle of a semester. You will be able to add or remove student and teacher licenses at any time without having to go through a new ordering process.

As soon as your credits are about to run out, you will receive an email notification offering you to purchase new credits to exend the subscription.






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