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EarMaster - Professional 6
Ear Training Software

New Features in EarMaster Pro 6
How EarMaster Pro is even better for your ear training:

New activity: Melodic sight-reading (play or sing a musical phrase as you read it and get instant feedback)
New activity: Melody playback (play or sing back a musical phrase after hearing it)
New notation engine with 2 types of notation: classical and jazz
New answering interface: Solfege keyboard
New streamlined user interface
Fingerboard interface with 2 options: Rosewood and Maple
New guitar tuner
Addition of user profiles: Piano or stringed instruments with automatic settings
And hundreds of many other additions and improvements


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EarMaster Pro 6 offers 651 interactive lessons divided into 12 exercise areas covering intervals, chords, scales, rhythms and melodies.

On top of that, each exercise area can be fully customized to focus on specific areas of your aural skills!

For all musicians and music students!
Absolutely all musicians need ear training, so EarMaster has been developed to meet the needs of beginning musicians just as well as those of college students and professionals.

The progressive lessons included in the Standard and Jazz Tutors will increase in diffulty as you become better, and the Customized Training mode will let you focus on specific elements of practice.

Sing or play your answers!
Plug a microphone or an electric instrument (e.g. guitar or bass) into your soundcard to sing, clap or play your answers!

EarMaster's Sound2MIDI technology is automatically recognizing the tones you are singing and the clapping of your hands.

Jazz ear training included!
Jazz and ear training go hand in hand. EarMaster 5 includes therefore a whole set of lessons dedicated to the specificities of Jazz music, including jazz chords and swing rhythms!

These lessons have been arranged by a highly routined jazz ear training teacher.

Dynamic on-screen interfaces!
Answer the questions using the visual interface of your choice: staff, piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, banjo, and most other stringed instruments.

All the interfaces are linked, which means that entering a tone on the piano will also show it on the staff or on the guitar. For stringed instruments, left-handed versions are available, and you can choose between several tunings or even create your own (up to 8 strings)!

Rhythm workshop!
EarMaster includes a series of interactive rhythm exercices to challenge your timing, tighten your future performances, and training you at memorizing and transcribing rhythmic patterns.

You can either perform the rhythms by hitting the Space bar of your computer keyboard, by playing it on a MIDI intrument, or even by clapping your hands in front of a microphone!!

Answer questions with a MIDI instrument!
You can use most of the activities available in EarMaster with a MIDI controller, such as a MIDI keyboard, a MIDI drumpad, a MIDI Guitar, and more, for even more realism and interactivity.

On top of that, you can assign keys or pads to specific actions in the program (for example: "New Question", "Repeat Question", "Show Answer", etc.)!

Fixed-Do and Movable-Do Solfege available!
EarMaster is one of the very few programs that will allow you to train your ear using fixed- or movable-Do solfege, as several highly renowned music schools do!

Of course, standard Anglo-Saxon tone naming (A, B, C, etc.) is available too.

Monitor your progress!
With the detailed statistics window of EarMaster, you will be able to monitor your progress lesson by lesson, day after day.

Not only will the program show how good you are at a particular activity, but it will aslo let you know what types of chords you are best and worst at recognizing, what types of intervals or scales you are mastering, etc!

Recommended and used by music schools!
EarMaster is the favourite ear training program of a myriad of musicians, beginners as well as profesionals, but not only.

EarMaster School is used by a very large number of music schools at all level, from local associations to universities and national superior conservatories!


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