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Marian - D4 Breakout Box
Breakout Box for D4 and D8 including MWX Versions


The professional 19" rack Breakout Box for Marian PCI audio systems Trace D4 and Trace D4 SRC.

Trace D4 and Trace D4 SRC – each provide four AES/EBU inputs and four AES/EBU outputs (eight channels) with up to 200 kHz as well as a WordClock/SuperClock input. The Furthermore the Trace D4 SRC comes with High Quality samplerate converters on all inputs. The superb feature set and the special functions are focused on the request of music studios, radio and television broadcast, theatres, stage and PA.

The optional Breakout-Box provides eight balanced XLR ports for the AES/EBU in and outputs. The angle brackets can be connected either at the front or at the back of the robust metal box.

Therefore you can choose on which side of the rack you want the XLR ports. Using the included SUB D cable the box can be connected to the Trace D4 / Trace D4 SRC audiosystem. You can connect the cable on both sides of the Breakout Box - so if you have all XLR ports at the front you could have the SUB D cable "hidden" at the back.

Since the 25-pin D-SUB connector complies with the TASCAM standard, the D4 Breakoutbox can be used also with other devices, which support this standard.


£507.50 ex VAT



4 x Stereo AES/EBU Input (XLR)
4 x Stereo AES/EBU Output (XLR)
2 x SUB-D (Connection to PCI card)

Technical Data

19" Rack (metal)
passive design
changeable angle brackets
25-pin D-SUB connector according TASCAM standard

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