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Guitar Coach

Guitar Lessons that really make a difference

Since its launch in 1997 Guitar Coach software from Charanga has taught thousands of people world-wide how to play guitar. Guitar Coachís richly interactive guitar lessons combine the highest quality teaching with the very best in multimedia. Each product contains over 200 full and slow speed video clips, real audio (not midi) backing tracks, and in-depth instruction which can be tailored to your individual needs.

Guitar Coach software has been designed so that itís very easy to use which means that all you have to do is learn and enjoy playing your guitar at your own pace and in your own space.


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In More Detail

Guitar Coach software has been reviewed extensively since its launch and the unanimous view of the reviewers is that both the acoustic and electric software is of the very highest quality. It has recently been awarded Millennium Product status by the Design Council of Great Britain in recognition of its innovative technology and success in teaching people of all ages and abilities how to play the guitar.

Guitar Coach Key Skills is the original Guitar Coach Software. It is a complete introduction to Acoustic and Classical guitar playing and the ideal way for every beginner with an acoustic or classical guitar to get started. We also find that many people who use Key Skills are guitar players who have not really kept up their playing due to lack of time and often lack of inspiration. If youíre in this position and are looking for a way to get back into the guitar, Guitar Coach Key Skills provides a convenient, inexpensive way to restart your playing.

Guitar Coach is designed so that you can tailor what it does to suit your individual needs. For beginners there are the crucial steps showing how to get started but if youíre already familiar with the basics you donít have to go through it all over again if you donít want to.

The extensive video uses innovative technology to bring you the clearest possible views of exactly what to play. There is even a camera shot from inside the guitar looking out through the soundhole so you can clearly see even the most complicated strum hand techniques. Since its release Guitar Coach Key Skills has taught thousands of people world-wide to play acoustic and classical guitar. It has received rave reviews in all sections of the National, Music, and Education press and endorsements from respected musicians and teachers. The technology, methodology and design of Guitar Coach software was recently given the prestigious Millennium Product Award by the Design Council of Great Britain.


Sample Lesson - Part 1 1 of 3

Looking at a sample lesson will give you a feel of what you can expect when you learn and play with Guitar Coach Key Skills. Each lesson has three parts.

In the first section you find out about a new skill such as a strum or fingerstyle pattern, or maybe a new technique for playing tunes. Above is an example of the first part of a Fingerstyle lesson from Level 5.

This pattern is quite complex so you learn by playing it on the open strings. The video shot on the top right is taken from inside the guitar looking out through the sound hole. Playing this video at slow speed and even full screen if you like, gives you the clearest possible view. When you feel comfortable playing the fingerstyle pattern on the open strings, you move on to the next part of the lesson and add some chords.

Sample Lesson - Part 2 of 3

In this second part of the lesson, now that you can play the strum hand on its own, you can now add the fret hand.


The video shows fret hand and strum hand at slow and full speeds. You can use the video and voice guidance to learn, or you can use the learning steps in the bottom right. The steps break down the piece into small bits and each step, like step two above, has a slow speed video clip. Whichever way of learning suits you best, by the end of this part of the lesson you will be able to play the La Bamba accompaniment fairly steadily. The next stage is to practise it and build up speed, which is what you do in the next part of the lesson.

Sample Lesson - Part 3 of 3

The third part of the lesson gives you everything you need to practise what youíve learnt and to build up speed.

You start practising at a slow practise speed of 88bpm by playing along with the La Bamba tune. The metronome then allows you to build up the speed until you reach the faster speed of 138 bpm, where playing along with song sounds excellent.


Youíll notice that the strumming and tune are included on the TAB. You learn these other two parts in the Classical and Strumming lessons so you end up being able to play all the different parts.

This 3 stage approach means you :

  • Learn a new skill in detail.
  • Use new skills in real music with a step by step guide to putting it together.
  • Have a fun time practising and performing with a backing track (which you also learn to play).

In Guitar Coach Key Skills there are many similar lessons with great video and backing tracks. Everything in it is geared towards helping you learn easily and have a good time as you make progress. We feel we can guarantee that youíLL enjoy the whole experience of using Guitar Coach.


System Requirements
486 66MHz
Pentium or higher
8Mb or higher
256 Colour SVGA
256 Colour SVGA
Sound Card
Hard-Disk Space
5MB or higher
Operating System
Windows 98
Windows 98/NT/XP
2x Speed
4x Speed or higher


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