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How To - Connect a MIDI keyboard to a PC or Laptop
This is a simple guide on how to connect your keyboard to your computer via a MIDI interface for use with music software.

TIP: In order to use your keyboard with your computer you will also need some music software. Most MIDI Interfaces include driver software that instructs your computer how to use the device but NOT actual music software.

Here are the most common reasons for connecting you computer to a music keyboard. Click the links to see our range of software for each catagory.

Simple MIDI conetction
First you need to check if your music keyboard has MIDI capabilities. If it does it will have two (sometimes 3) five pin din socket on the back similar the image below.

Your computer must also have a MIDI interface for your keyboard to connect to. Some computer motherboards and soundcards have a MIDI interface built in but they tend to be of poor quality and little if any UK support is available if you run into difficulties.
This is why we recommend using a USB MIDI interface. These devices are reliable, easy to install, have uk support and work on nearly all modern computers and laptops.

Please note: If you have bought a professional audio card with built in MIDI you do not need a USB MIDI interface.

USB MIDI interfaces come with a driver CD. Always read the instructions (help file) on this disk before installation. This will tell you if you need to install the MIDI driver before or after you've made the following connections.

The diagram below shows how to make the connections between the keyboard and computer.

To see our full range of USB MIDI interfaces click HERE.

TIP: Notice how the MIDI IN goes to the MIDI OUT and the MIDI OUT goes to the MIDI IN? Having these connecting the wrong way round is the most common MIDI mistake in history!

If you have any questions regarding MIDI connections or suggestions on how we can make this page more informative please get in touch.

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